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Directed by Sean Ronan & Markham Samuels

Starring:  Madison DeWalt, Steve James, Sebastien Archibald, Tinka Kalajzik

Camera by Markham Samuels

Sound Design & Mix by Dani Kobek

Editing by Markham Samuels, Sean Ronan

Music by Cameron Catalano

Make-Up by Ashley Forshaw, April Beers

Produced by Markham Samuels, James Kingstone, Sean Ronan

                    Produced by Whitelf Films and Hammer & Tong Productions

                    Based on the works of Lewis Carrall

Synopsis:    'Alice Liddell is transported from Victorian England to the festive                                     wonderland of Burning Man where she encounters some familiar faces.'

Running Time:  18 mins

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