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Synopsis:   'A former video-game star is jolted from his mid-life slumber                         when his landlord threatens to evict him.  As he struggles to                         overcome his inadequacies and maintain his images he learns                     that old habits die hard.'

Directed by James Kingstone & Markham Samuels

Written by James Kingstone, Matthew Kyle Grant

Staring:  Max Clough, Elysia Rotaru, Andre Aggi

Camera by Markham Samuels

Sound Design & Mix by Mark Hollier

Editing by Moses Goldfarb

Music by Trisha Hildebrandt

Make-Up by Kaija Kinney

Produced by Markham Samuels, Sean Ronan, James Kingstone

                  Produced by Whitelf Films and Hammer & Tong Productions

Running Time:  11 mins

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