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Featured Film Productions

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Synopsis:     'Two farm workers are tasked with moving a cryptic scarecrow one day, which unbeknownst  to them, has been afflicted with a powerful curse.'

Directed by Markham Samuels

Starring:  Cassandra Grande-Phillips, Nathan Plumite, Alexander Jackson,

Duke Murdodge

Producers:  Markham Samuels, Naoki Otsuki

Produced by Whitelf Films

Synopsis:       'Alice Liddell is transported from Victorian England to the festive wonderland of Burning Man where she encounters some familiar faces.'

Directed by Sean Ronan & Markham Samuels

Starring:  Madison DeWalt, Steve James, Sebastien Archibald, Tinka Kalajzik

Producers:  Markham Samuels, James Kingstone, Sean Ronan

Produced by Whitelf Films and Hammer & Tong


Synopsis:  'A former video-game star is jolted from his mid-life slumber when his landlord threatens to evict him. As he struggles to overcome his inadequacies and maintain his images he learns that old habits die hard.'

Directed by James Kingstone & Markham Samuels

Starring:  Max Clough, Elysia Rotaru, Andre Aggi

Producers:  Markham Samuels, Sean Ronan, James Kingstone

Produced by Whitelf Films and Hammer & Tong

Synopsis:  'A twisted spin on the zombie-genre follows two stoners that discover marijuana cures zombie-ism after smoking their super-bong, and set-out to mass-implement it by hot-boxing their house against the horde of zombies they are faced with.'

Directed by Markham Samuels & Tim O'Rourke

Starring:  Kevin Byrne, Fraser McLean

Producers:  Markham Samuels, Tim O'Rourke 


Directed by Markham Samuels

Staring:  Kevin Byrne, Keira Danniels, J. Kingstone, Lauren Hillman, S. Ronan

Producers:  Markham Samuels

Produced by Whitelf Films

Synopsis:  'An experimental film-within-the-film-'Rip'ped' , featuring a dream-like meeting between a quartet of zombie-personas'


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