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Cinematography,    Narrative Production, and Picture Support

Whitelf Films has over 10 years of experience behind the camera as a cinematographer, camera operator, producer, and filmmaker in Vancouver, BC.  With an early interest in film and photography, and having attended the Capilano University Motion Picture and Production Program, new projects have always been ongoing at Whitelf. 


Over the years we have worked with many productions and businesses, to amass a reliable team of creatives, reliable equipment, industry contacts, and talented artists - always with a keen focus on doing great filmmaking and cinematography, 

Let us know if you have a project we might be able to help you with, whether it's cinematography, or film production, and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your project.

Quotes are free!  Please let us know about obtaining a free information session today!

Red Cinema 6k - We shoot all our narrative and cinematography projects in beautiful 6k.  Shooting in 6k is not the only piece of the puzzle, good planning and great lighting are also key.  Fortunately we love the planning process, and are passionate about fabulous lighting.  Creativity thrives when both these come together to produce extraordinary synergy.



Image by Jakob Owens



With over a decade of experience behind the camera, we provide cinematography services for projects of all types.  We have DOP'd several short films, narrative projects, music videos, and corporate videos, and are passionate about shooting and lighting beautiful images.

Cinematography is a project specific process, and starts with a basic consultation about your project to familiarize with the feel and look of your production.  Once a fit has been established, and pre-production begins, multiple consultations are usually required as we work with you to shoot your project at the highest visual quality possible.  Achieving a crisp level of visual quality is a tightly-knit practice where we work with you, on your level, to elevate your project to it's maximum visual potential.

We at Whitelf Films supply a variety of cinematography and camera services including video for business, commercial campaigns, music videos, EPKs, real estate videos, documentary and narrative production.



Picture support is a service that provides the equipment and support requirements necessary to produce a high quality video or film production, rolled into one customized price for your entire production - not just a daily rate.  For example, if all you have is a script that you are looking to produce, we can help outfit you with the rest to help bridge the gap between concept, and full-on production.  Designed for the independent film production, at Whitelf we love helping artist's plan and produce their independent projects, and love being part of the process.  We provide rentals, advice, and know-how, for your project over it's entire timeline - we are invested in seeing it to fruition with you, by your side.


Picture support starts with a friendly consultation to discuss the project at hand.  Once the project scope is established, a script and production breakdown can begin, and the resources required to produce the project can be established.  Often independent producers have trouble, or are looking for some consultation, on how to proceed with their production - this is where we excel.  We have experience helping many productions, and can relay our experience to yours.

Once the we have taken a look at your script and project, parameters can been determined, we can then work out what kind of equipment, rentals, location bookings, and timeline will be required to shoot your project.  We can then work with you to design a customized package of equipment we can rent to you for your shoot - at a great price, and with exceptional service.  We will also provide you with advice to make your shoot happen in a professional manner, that meets your goals for the production.  We love working with artists and helping them with the logistical aspects of producing a project.  When production begins, we then provide equipment delivery, and in-person, on-set setup and strike services for each day of your production.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our 'Picture Support' service, and we'd be happy to meet with you for a free consultation.  We help you various all types of projects from narrative, music videos, to basic interviews, just let us know!



As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, the same can be said for narrative production.  Unlike picture support, wherein we primarily help with equipment and rentals for your production, if you are in need of help producing aspects of your project a partnership or strategic alliance might be the way to go.

There are many ways a partnership can be organized, but it always starts with an in-depth discussion about your project, as each project will have different needs.  So let us know, and we'll be happy to arrange an initial consultation to hear about your script or production! 

Image by Jakob Owens


We have experience doing camera and cinematography for various types of videos, depending on your need:

     ● Live Events

     ● Seminars

     ● Corporate Videos

     ● Commercials

     ● Music Videos

     ● Short Films

     ● Narrative

     ● Film & Documentary

     ● Weddings

     ● Real Estate Videos

     ● Training Videos



Each project is different, and we'll incorporate the full mix of tools and gear as follows to execute your shoot.

     ● Red cinema 6k camera system

     ● 3-way 4k camera setup

     ● Steadicam

     ● Dolly system and railway

     ● Boom and wireless (LAV) 4-channel microphone system

     ● 10-point professional lighting setup

     ● Independent lighting, flag, and grip kit

     ● Slider and dana dolly system

     ● 16ft-Jib camera crane

     ● Professional on-set monitor

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The cost for both cinematography services, and picture support, can vary from project to project, which is why it always starts with a friendly consultation to see what we might be able to do for your project. 


Our cinematography services are typically based on a daily rate, and whether or not you will be requiring any equipment rentals from us, discounts are often available for multi-day productions as well.  Picture support, as mentioned, is based on a customized breakdown of the rentals, number of shooting days, and type of production support that will be required for your project.  Each project is unique in its requirements, so prices can vary.  For your reference, we have also provided 2 below packages that approximate the daily cost that you can expect from each service.


As mentioned, we're happy to offer a free 45 minute in-person consultation about your project to provide you with a detailed quote and breakdown for your project.

You can also take a look at our complete list of available equipment for your reference.



We offer either a customized quote for projects with more complex needs, or you can take a look at some of our more standardized packages for projects that have a more general scope:


Daily Rate!


     ● 1-2 (TBD) Planning consultations

     ● Planned shooting

     ● 1 Day shoot (~10hrs)

     ● Drone shooting (Optional)

     ● 1-2 (TBD) Person crew

     ● Red camera 6k system

     ● Dual camera 4k system

     ● 10 point professional lighting kit

     ● Additional equipment rentals available upon request.

Price: $400-600 + tax

Picture Support

Daily   Rate!


     ● Multiple planning consultations

     ● Live or Planned shooting

     ● 1 Day shoot, (~18hrs x 1 day)

     ● Equipment transportation

     ● Drone shooting (Optional)

     ● 1-2 Person support/grip crew

     ● Additional positions on request

     ● Red camera 6k system

     ● Dual camera 4k system

     ● 10 point professional lighting kit

     ● Professional boom & wireless audio kit

     ● Independent flag and grip kit

     ● Steadicam

     ● Dolly system and railway

     ● Slider and dana dolly system

     ● 18ft-Jib camera crane

     ● Professional on-set monitor

     ● Additional equipment rentals included upon request with picture support, please see complete list of equipment offerings

Price: $550-900 + tax

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