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Written & Directed by Naoki Otsuki

Starring:  Kelsey Larg, Ana Martin, Dan Martinez, Max Moishe Teichman

Cinematography by Markham Samuels

Sound Design & Mix by Doryan Heijnen

Location Sound Recordist: Carter-James VG

Grip & Production Crew: Melissa Alp, Marco Hermida, Alan Torres

Editing by Naoki Otsuki

Music by Jupiter-8

Make-Up by Alexandria Bennett

Produced by Naoki Otsuki

                    Produced by Flying Chorizo Films


Synopsis:    'Two sisters stray into a cult community, a demonic old Caddy creeps up from behind; escape or be sacrificed!  Cult rituals begin, a girl cries, a shrill scream echoes, and a V8 engine roars from a straight pipe motor beneath the hood of a cursed brown Cadillac..'

trailer: coming soon

Running Time:  12 mins

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