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Music Video Production, Direction, and Cinematography

Translating musical ideas into a well-organized music video production is what we do best.  Well versed in the production process, we thrive on finding ways to reflect your music into high-quality visuals in various ways to fit budgets of all shapes and sizes. 

Let us know what you have in mind and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your music video project.  Shot in 6k Ultra-HD using dolly & crane gear to fill a wide-range of shots, and professionally lit, every shot is produced with care. 


Quotes are free!  Please let us know about obtaining a free music video quote today!

All our music videos are shot on RED cameras.  Our state of the art equipment allows us to film with 6K resolution using professional Red Cinema cameras, and ultra slow motion, to give your video an professional and polished look that you’d expect from reputable artists.

Whether you have a concept or need help conceptualizing your video, we are equipped to make your production a reality.



Image by Keagan Henman


Music videos are an essential component to successful  online marketing campaign for your music.  A creative and well produced music video will help promote your music, sales, shows, and brand.  Videos reach people in a way no other medium can, so our goal is to provide a video you will be proud to share.

     ● Promotes the song & band

     ● Visual representation of the song - we are an increasingly visual community

     ● It's the only option for serious artists

     ● Provides a platform for EPK's, lounge, and interviews, as part of online promotion to draw the attention of new fans

     ● Creates a multidimensional experience

     ● Helps create a brand

     ● Becomes an extension of the artist

     ● Can reach people on a more meaningful level - in a way where the video and the song are inseparable

     ● Can be a mini short film for the artist - a platform for an artist's expression, and a way to tell a story

Please also take a look at the 'Why Video' section with more information on the power of video.



At Whitelf we are passionate about creativity, and love meeting with new artists to discuss the best way to translate their music to the silver screen.  We have experience generating compelling visual ideas to fit with your music, and have experience planning a shooting them in a tight-knit music video production that is cost-effective.

It all starts with a free quote.  We are always more than happy to meet with you for a free session to hear your music video vision, and discuss the various costs and considerations for every music video idea that is being considered.  We are also happy to brainstorm with you, and help generate music video ideas for your song of choice.  Often, each music video idea will have it's own associated costs of production.  From there the best concept can be chosen, and the pre-production process can begin!

Once a concept has been chosen, the planning process entails approximately 2-3 pre-production meetings, depending on the concept, where costumes can be chosen, location and a date can be locked down, and details can be discussed.  The following breakdown lists the items that are considered during each step of the production and planning process.



     ● Multiple planning sessions - this can vary depending on project requirements

     ● Art direction, location scouting, costumes, and casting

     ● We storyboard your shoot - to help create great shots so that your company, product, and people look amazing on camera

     ● We work with you to coordinate the shoot, schedule, and plan logistics, so it is done in a way that works for you


     ● We take care of all planning and logistics for the shoot, including call sheets and production requirements

     ● We recruit and organize the talent and crew

     ● Make-up artist and talent - is available as add-ons


     ● We will edit until you are completely satisfied with your production (1-2 polishing sessions)

     ● Mixed media services - including titles, and (band) logo animation

     ● Professional color correction on the final render

     ● Access to Canada's largest library of drone and stock footage - with shots starting at $199 depending on the item


     ● We will provide you with all the raw footage from your shoot

     ● High resolution production stills of the shoot, beautifully photoshopped - are available as add-ons 

     ● High quality 4k & 6k final renders, and variety of other compressed files for the web and social media platforms




Each project is different, and we'll incorporate the full mix of tools and gear as follows to execute your shoot.

     ● Red Cinema 6k camera system

     ● Slow motion shooting capabilities

     ● Steadicam

     ● Dolly system and railway

     ● 10-point professional lighting setup

     ● Stage lighting system

     ● Professional lighting, flag, and grip kit

     ● Slider and dana dolly system

     ● 16ft-Jib camera crane

     ● Professional on-set monitor

     ● Licensed aerial drone 



Costs from video to video can vary dramatically, from A-List artists with budgets that can soar into the millions, to micro-budget music videos shot on iphones with 4k resolution, understanding the difference in production methods and value is paramount.


From 6k Red Camera systems, to steadicams & multi-camera shoots, to complex lighting set-ups, understanding the difference between the various qualities of production can be tricky, which is why we offer free consultations with every project so you can obtain a customized quote.

The typical production generally involves pre-production, shooting, editing, client review, and polishing.  Each step is included in the quote, and the total price is determined by how much time and resources each step will take to produce.  All projects include an initial consultation, plus 2-4 planning consultations where ideas and a shooting script are laid out.  From there the price is influenced in large part by the size of the crew, what kind of gear is required for the shoot, and the cost of the locations/talent/set-decoration that is being incorporated.  Editing and post-production is included standard as part of the quote, and items such as complex motion graphics and drone footage are either included, or available as add-ons depending on project specifics.  For music videos, each music video concept will generally have it's own customized quote, as each idea will have it's own unique costs associated with the locations, art direction, costumes, schedule, and casting.


As mentioned, we're always happy to offer a free 45 minute in-person consultation about your project and give you a detailed quote and breakdown. 

We are also pleased to offer the below packages that usually come between 10-30% of most 1-2 day shoots for typical music video productions.



We offer either a customized quote for projects with more complex needs, or you can take a look at some of our more popular packages for projects that have a more general scope:

The Basic

1 Day Shoot!


     ● Multiple Planning consultations

     ● Planned shooting

     ● 1 Day shoot, (8-12hrs)

     ● Drone footage

     ● 1-3 Person crew

     ● Red Epic-X Dragon 6k camera 

     ● Dual camera 4k

     ● Professional sound, as required

     ● 5-10 point professional lighting

     ● Dolly, jib-crane, and steadicam

     ● Editing & color grade

     ● Titles & effects

     ● 4-6 minutes in length

     ● 30-60/sec, social media recap

     ● 3-6 Week delivery

Price: $1,900! + tax

Weekend Production

2 Day Shoot!


     ● Multiple Planning consultations

     ● Planned shooting

     ● 2 Day shoot, (8-12hrs x 2 days)

     ● Drone footage

     ● Studio location

     ● 2-4 Person crew

     ● Red Epic-X Dragon 6k camera 

     ● Dual camera 4k

     ● Professional sound, as required

     ● 5-10 point professional lighting

     ● Dolly, jib-crane, and steadicam

     ● Editing & color grade

     ● Titles & effects

     ● 4-6 minutes in length

     ● 30-60/sec, social media recap

     ● 4-8 Week delivery

Price: $2,500-5,000! + tax

We also provide cinematography services and equipment rentals for music video production as well.

Please see our 'Picture Support' section to learn more.

Check out our portfolio to see some of the music videos we’ve produced for musicians just like you.

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