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Top 10 Reason Why Businesses Need a Video!



To reach people today, you have to deliver your message in a way that's entertaining, informative, and visually interesting.  Videos reach people in a way no other medium can. 


Let's look at the top 10 reasons why businesses need a video to promote their business, product, service, or website.

1  - Video is educational

If you want to teach people something, videos are your best tool.  With videos, you can explain, educate, and entertain all at once.  If your business has a physical location, you can shot it.  If you have a physical product, you can demonstrate its features.

2 - Videos are easy to share

What could a viral video do for your business?  With today's technology, videos are easy to share.  Whether people see your video on your blog or YouTube, they can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, spreading your brand message far and wide.

3 - Videos rank well in search engines

It's not enough to publish something online - people have to be able to find it!  Google and other search engines consider videos high quality and highly relevant, making them easier to rank than articles or plain blog posts.  When you have an optimized video, your customers will be able to find it on Google.

4 - Your competitors are using video

Your competition is using video, so why aren't you?  Creating your own great video will not only help distinguish your brand from your competitors, but will help you stay a step ahead of the other guys.

5 - Video is popular

Everyone loves video!  That's why YouTube alone has billions of views per day.  This makes video a natural way to reach your audience, no matter who they are.

6 - Videos are mobile-friendly

See all those people everywhere on their tablets and smartphones?  You can bet they're watching videos!  Research shows more shoppers and customers are using mobile devices to browse and make purchases.  Videos are the best way to reach your expanding mobile audience.

7 - Video is cost-effective

You want a promotional strategy that's affordable, as well as effective, but you don't need a huge budget to launch a professional video marketing campaign.  Once your video is created, it can be shared on multiple platforms, including your own website, YoutTube, and other video sharing sites.

8 - Video adds a personal touch

With video, you have a chance to get personal and introduce yourself.  On the other hand, not everyone wants to appear in their own videos - and you don't have to.  In our experience either a professional host, or hosting yourself, can be helpful to show people a face and voice for your business.

9 - Videos are permanent

Once your video is online, it's there forever.  People searching for relevant terms can find your video months, or even years from now!  That's why making a video is such a great investment in the future of your business.

10 - Results are measurable

How can you be sure your business strategies are really working?  The only way to know is to measure your results.  With today's analytics tools, it's easy to track the effectiveness of your videos.  You can see how many views you get and how many people take action after watching your video. 

When you're ready to talk and get started, let us know!

Quotes are free!  So let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to meet with you for a consultation.


We have experience producing various types of business videos, depending on your need:

     ● Company Website Videos

     ● Brand Awareness Campaigns

     ● Product Launches

     ● Event or Festival Promotional Video

     ● Training Videos

     ● Social Media Videos

     ● Recruitment Video

     ● Real Estate Videos

     ● Company Story / Mini-Doc

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