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Conscientious Objectors: Tombs and Time Capsules

Synopsis:       'The Conscientious Objectors find themselves in the midst of a mystical gypsy lair, where the gypsy queen entertains as their host.'          

Performed and Recorded by the Conscientious Objectors

Wayne Schmidt, Steve Tomiuk, Scott Archibald

Directed by Markham Samuels

Staring: Wayne Schmidt, Steve Tomiuk, Scott Archibald, Maricela Zepeda, Stephanie Schiffner, Stefanie Cornell, Stephanie Polok, Nicholas Schmidt

Cinematography & Editing by Markham Samuels

Key Make-Up: Renée Bourget

Key Grip: Marie-Camille Léopoldie

              Produced by Whitelf Films

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