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Promotional, Event, and Corporate 

Whatever you’d like to promote, we can help you do it with a high-quality corporate or promotional video.  Whether it be your business, event, product, or story, we can help you design and shoot a video that will capture what you want, the way you want it. 


Quotes are free!  So let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to meet with you for a consultation.

Shooting beautiful images is our passion, crafting them into meaningful videos to deliver your message is our top priority.  We don’t just make beautiful pictures, we create engaging, effective videos that do their job - to make people want to watch them.




Image by Jakob Owens



To reach people today, you have to deliver your message in a way that's entertaining, informative, and visually interesting.  Videos reach people in a way no other medium can.  Please take a look at the top 10 reasons why business' need a video to promote their business, product, service, or website.


We have experience producing various types of videos, depending on your need:

     ● Company Website Videos

     ● Brand Awareness Campaigns

     ● Product Launches

     ● Event or Festival Promotional Video

     ● Training Videos

     ● Social Media Videos

     ● Recruitment Video

     ● Real Estate Videos

     ● Company Story / Mini-Doc



Discussing the best way translate your vision into an effective video is what we have experience with, and we're here to help make it happen, in a way that meets with your goals.

A corporate video is a way to connect an audience with a company's vision in an effective, and engaging manner - often in a way that's entertaining as well!  It's a chance to showcase your people, products, services, and what you stand for, it's also a great way to build brand awareness that catches people's attention in a memorable way.


Video is better than text, and sometimes even better than a commercial, and in today's business environment corporate videos are an essential part of the marketing mix.  Corporate and promotional video can be easily broadcast on the various social media and web channels, providing you with a way to efficiently communicate your message with the feel and authenticity you want, that uses music, and stunning images, to touch people the way you can't by via any other medium.



     ● We help write and create compelling questions for your video - polishing your message for the video medium

     ● We storyboard your shoot - to help create great shots so that your company, product, and people look amazing on camera

     ● We work with you to coordinate the shoot, so it is done in a way that works for you


     ● We take care of all planning and logistics for the shoot, including call sheets and production requirements

     ● We recruit and organize the talent and crew

     ● Make-up artist and talent - is available as add-ons

     ● We help beginners in front of the camera - to help 'employee actors', and coach them in front of lens


     ● We will edit until you are completely satisfied with your production (1-2 polishing sessions)

     ● Mixed media services - including titles, motion graphics, and logo animation

     ● Sound editing and final mixing is completed once the edit is locked

     ● Professional color correction on the final render

     ● Access to a a vast stock music library, to find the the perfect selection for your video

     ● Access to Canada's largest library of drone footage - with shots starting at $199 depending on the item


     ● We will provide you with all the raw footage from your shoot

     ● High resolution production stills of the shoot, beautifully photoshopped - are available as add-ons 

     ● High quality 4k final renders, and variety of other compressed files for the web and social media platforms



Each project is different, and we'll incorporate the full mix of tools and gear as follows to execute your shoot.

     ● Dual 4k camera setup

     ● Steadicam

     ● Dolly system and railway

     ● Boom and wireless (LAV) 4-channel microphone system

     ● 10-point professional lighting setup

     ● Independent lighting, flag, and grip kit

     ● Slider and dana dolly system

     ● 16ft-Jib camera crane

     ● Professional on-set monitor

Image by Jakob Owens



Every video is not created equally, which is why prices can vary quite a bit from project to project. 


From 6k Red Camera systems, to steadicams & multi-camera shoots, to complex lighting set-ups, understanding the difference between the various qualities of production can be tricky, which is why we offer free consultations with every project so you can obtain a customized quote.

The typical production generally involves pre-production, shooting, editing, client review, and polishing.  Each step is included in the quote, and the total price is determined by how much time and resources each step will take to produce.  All projects include an initial consultation, plus 1-2 planning consultations where ideas and a shooting script are laid out.  From there the price is influenced in large part by the size of the crew, what kind of gear is required for the shoot, and the cost of the locations/talent/set-decoration that is being shot.  Editing and post-production is a function of the length of the final video, and items such as music, complex motion graphics, and drone footage are either included, or available as add-ons depending on project specifics.


As mentioned, we're always happy to offer a free 30 minute in-person consultation about your project and give you a detailed quote and breakdown. 

We are also pleased to offer the below packages that usually come between 10-20% of most 1-2 day shoots for typical video productions.



We offer either a customized quote for projects with more complex needs, or you can take a look at some of our more popular packages for projects that have a more general scope:

Promotional Offer

½ Day Shoot!


     ● 1 Planning consultation

     ● Live-shooting

     ● ½ Day shoot, (~4hrs)

     ● 1 Person crew

     ● Dual camera 4k

     ● Professional sound

     ● Music selection*

     ● Sound design

     ● Editing & color grade

     ● Titles & effects


     ● 1-3 Minutes in length

     ● 1-2 Week delivery


Limited Time Offer: $799! + tax

The Basic

1 Day Shoot!


     ● 1-2 Planning consultations

     ● Live+Planned shooting

     ● 1 Day shoot, (~8hrs)

     ● Drone footage

     ● 1-2 Person crew

     ● Dual camera 4k

     ● Professional sound

     ● 3-5 Point lighting, as required

     ● Music selection*

     ● Sound design

     ● Editing & color grade

     ● Titles & effects

     ● 1-5 Minutes in length

     ● 30-60/sec, social media recap

     ● 2-4 Week delivery

Price: $1,700! + tax

Weekend Production

2 Day Shoot!


     ● 2 Planning consultations

     ● Live+Planned shooting

     ● 2 Day shoot, (~8hrs x 2 days)

     ● Drone footage

     ● Studio location

     ● 2-3 Person crew

     ● Dual camera 4k

     ● Professional sound

     ● 3-5 Point lighting, as required

     ● Music selection*

     ● Sound design

     ● Editing & color grade

     ● Titles & effects

     ● 1-5+ Minutes in length

     ● 30-60/sec, social media recap

     ● 3-6 Week delivery

Price: $2,000-3,000! + tax


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