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Synopsis:  'A twisted spin on the zombie-genre follows two stoners who discover                           marijuana cures zombie-ism, and set-out to mass-implement it by hot-                           boxing their house to save the day.'

Directed by Markham Samuels & Tim O'Rourke

Written by Tim O'Rourke & Markham Samuels with Kevin Byrne

Staring:  Kevin Byrne, Fraser McLean

Camera by Markham Samuels

Sound Design & Mix by Latham Elle

Editing by Markham Samuels

Music by Eric Thorsteinsen

Make-Up by Alissa Goodyear, Kaija Kinney

Produced by Markham Samuels, Tim O'Rourke

Associate Producer: Kevin Byrne

Still Photography:  Jordan Cantelo

                   Produced by Markham Samuels and Tim O'Rourke

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