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Anarcheon: Transyldrainia


Performed and Recorded by Anarcheon

Kaija Marie, Sylvain Maltais, Mac White, Mike Watson

Directed by Markham Samuels

Staring: Kaija Marie, Sylvain Maltais, Mac White, Mike Watson, Sunshine Schneider, Kevin Byrne, Jordan Wemlow, Leda Paige, Connor Gordon, Claine Sather


Cinematography by Markham Samuels

Editing by Gregory Czaplack, Markham Samuels

Gaffer & Grip: Kevin Pun, Sebastien Krisciunas, Kalvin Moses

Key Make-Up: Kaija Marie, Kira Stelliga

               Produced by Whitelf Films

Synopsis:       'On a dark and hollow night, Anarcheon tasks their butler with collecting victims for a night of vampiric feasting within the confines of their mansion lair.'          

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